Are You Ready for Spring? AC Maintenance on your Mind?
Published on: Mar 19, 2023

AC Maintenance in Brampton?

Ac Maintenance Spring is here which means Daily temperatures are starting to warm up. That means now is the time to prepare your AC for summer. A few simple steps can avoid a breakdown at night, on the weekend, or on the Canada Day. To reduce the risk of AC emergencies in the coming months and ensure your home stays cool, here are some preventative tips from your most trusted HVAC contractor in Brampton

Clean Your AC Unit

During the winter, some debris has likely collected on the coils and in the fan. It’s important to clean it. If not, the unit can work inefficiently, provide less cooling, or develop a refrigerant leak. We see many calls for AC repair in Brampton due to these and similar issues. Check the outdoor unit for leaves, twigs, and other debris and clear them. To clean the inside, remove the front panel and use a hose to remove any debris on its components, including the fins. Use a condenser coil cleanser engineered to remove the kind of debris that gets stuck onto it. Here are some tips for cleaning the outdoor unit:

  • Gently lift the fan from the top and clean it with a vacuum or rag.
  • To clean the coils, gently clean them with a soft vacuum brush or refrigerator coil brush.
  • Be sure to clean up excess water within the unit.

Change Your Furnace Air Filter

The air filter prevents airborne particulates and other pollutants from getting inside your air conditioner. It also helps reduce indoor air pollution. A dirty filter can lead to dusty air, restricted airflow, and reduced AC efficiency. It can make the system work harder, so eventually, expensive repairs may be required. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of your AC system. Replace the filter with a new one to ensure proper airflow

Inspect the Ducts

A professional duct cleaning can reach deeper into the system, but you can make some headway by removing the vent covers and washing them. Cover the vent openings with paper towels to prevent dust from blowing out of them; then loosen the dust by tapping lightly on the sides of the ductwork. This will loosen the dust and make it easier to vacuum it up with a vacuum cleaner’s nozzle and brush attachments. While you’re at it, inspect for damage such as punctures and dents in the metal. Look for shifted ducts and loose connections as well. Any damage to your ducts can cause air to leak and for contaminants to get in. Schedule a professional duct cleaning or repair if things look bad or your ductwork hasn’t been serviced in a few years. we recommend getting the ducts cleaned professionally every 5-7 years.

Test Your AC System

After the system is cleaned and dried, it’s time to test it. Start by turning the power back on at the main panel and disconnect the box, with the thermostat off. Then switch the thermostat to cool.

Check the condensate drain

Check the condensate drain for clogs or blockages. A clogged drain can cause water to back up and damage the AC system.

Schedule a professional maintenance service

Consider scheduling a professional maintenance service with an Delta T Heating & Cooling Inc. we can perform a thorough inspection of your AC system and identify any potential issues before they become major problems.

AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is really important. A licensed, trained AC technician from Delta T Heating & Cooling Inc. knows how to find minor issues you might miss and make small repairs. They can help improve efficiency, ensure safe operation, and improve equipment longevity. Professional maintenance can save money in the long run and ensure the unit is serviced within the terms of the warranty. When looking for an AC technician to perform a system inspection, cleaning, tune-up, etc., make sure they’re:

  • Properly licensed and certified.
  • Punctual and arrive when you expect them to.
  • Experienced with your type of system.
  • Able to answer your questions.
  • Recommended by family members, friends, and via online reviews.
  • Provided Upfront cost before doing any repairs and no surprises after

Here is a really good article about Air Conditioning system. By following these spring AC maintenance tips, you can help ensure that your AC system runs efficiently and effectively throughout the upcoming warm season.