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In Ontario, a certified Gas technician can red tag your water heater, furnace, or other systems in order to maintain safety.

A technician’s responsibility is to always ensure that safety is the number one priority for the homeowners.

A red tag is a shutdown notice that says your water heater or furnace is shut down due to some of the reasons described here.

Red Tag Reasons

  • Electrical hazard
  • Overheating Appliance
  • Lack of combustion air
  • Gas Leaks on the piping system
  • CO leak or levels present in a home
  • Other


Types of Red Tags

When a technician determines that your water heater or furnace is operating in an unsafe manner they have one of two options.

The first is called an A tag; this is for the most serious of issues and will require the technician to shut off the gas supply and shut down the dangerous system.

The second option they have is to issue a B tag; this gives the home owner 35 days to fix the problem or replace the system.

The technician is required by law to notify the gas utility or supply company that a red tag has been issued.

Once the utility company receives this information they will write to the home owner with the appropriate steps to take.

When the situation has been corrected?

The technician who the homeowner hired to rectify the situation will notify the gas utility company of the corrective action.

Your red-tagged furnace or red-tagged water heater can then be safely and legally used again.

If the homeowner decides not to go ahead and fix a red-tagged furnace or water heater the gas company will simply turn your home’s gas supply off.

Then, of course, you will be charged a reconnection fee to have the gas turned back on.

Avoid All These Red Tag Issues.

If you’re buying a system with the lowest quote, the likelihood the installer is taking some short cuts to give you a cheap rate is quite higher.

If you have a system that has been red-tagged, give us a call and we can take care of the issues and have your appliance running back up in a safe and code-compliant manner

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