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Cooling Repair

Air Conditioners, Heatpumps, Ductless Minisplits


Ontario experiences hot and humid summers, making air conditioning a necessity for residential and commercial spaces. Air conditioning systems are designed to keep indoor temperatures comfortable and maintain proper indoor air quality. However, with prolonged use, these systems can develop faults, leading to reduced performance and even complete breakdown.

Delta T Heating & Cooling Inc. provides solutions for various air conditioning problems. These services include system inspection, troubleshooting, and repair. Common problems include refrigerant leaks, faulty compressors, electrical issues, and sensor problems. our technicians use advanced tools and techniques to diagnose and repair these issues, ensuring that the air conditioning system is restored to optimal performance.

Trust Delta T Heating & Cooling for all of your home cooling needs. customers in Mississauga, Brampton  and surrounding area trust us with AC repairs. Our professional staff will help to select the right size air conditioning unit for the right price. We sell the most efficient air conditioning units available on the market with SEER levels of 13 to 23, and we will make sure you have years of trouble-free use with our professional no mess installation and of a new  air conditioners.

we service all major brands including Carrier, Keeprite, Goodman, Amana, Payne, Bryant, Lennox, York, Armstrong, Rheem, Rudd, ICP, American standard,  Coleman and many more

Cooling Maintenance

Your home’s air conditioner needs regular maintenance to keep it running properly. Delta T Heating & Cooling provides air conditioner maintenance services that will improve efficiency and extend the service life of your equipment.

Air conditioner maintenance can be easily overlooked, but it should be a priority for every homeowner. In fact, equipment manufacturers recommend maintenance yearly in order to keep air conditioners running smoothly and efficiently. The best time to schedule air conditioner maintenance is in the spring, before you need to use your cooling system; this way, your system is tuned up and prepared for summer, and you can address any equipment issues in advance instead of suffering without cooling when temperatures rise.

Cooling | Delta T Heating And Cooling Inc.

Benefits of maintenance.

Air conditioner maintenance has numerous benefits to homeowners, which include the following:

  • Improved performance: We provide the TLC your air conditioner needs, which includes cleaning and care for the system’s crucial components. This improves the performance of your system, much like a tune-up for your car.
  • Improved efficiency: Better performance means your system doesn’t need to work as hard to do its job. Less work means less energy consumption, saving you money.
  • Longer service life: By eliminating issues that can lead to early breakdowns, air conditioner maintenance can keep your air conditioner in service longer than if neglected.

f you’re looking for top-notch cooling service in Brampton, look no further than Delta T Heating and Cooling. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to keeping your home or business cool and comfortable all summer long, with reliable and efficient cooling services.

Whether you’re in need of air conditioning installation, repair, or maintenance services, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to get the job done right. We work with all types of cooling systems, including central air conditioning, ductless mini-splits, and more, so you can trust that we have the knowledge and experience to provide the solutions you need.

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